President's Message

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for accessing our web site.
Irifune Kozai Co., Ltd will mark the 65th anniversary in April 1, 2018.
For a long time since foundation, we have received guidances and supports from many customers and partners.
We would like to express our gratitude once again for patronizing customers, supporting suppliers and any other partners who have relationships with us.

Since our founder, Toshikazu Ichino, began a business with one employee in Irifune-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, we assume sales and processing of steel sheets, though small in scale, with considering an appropriate response to changes in the business environment. I have sought a growth of our company with employees, in my mind that looking for a original way is the way that merchants and Irifune Kozai should take, or the way where others have already gone is not a way where we should go, with well considering for what purpose do we exist.

Steel is a great universal material on the earth. There are enormous potential for the future of the steel industry. It is the greatest happiness to run a business in this industry. We feel proud of engaging in the steel business.

The challenges which our customers face are getting sophisticated year by year.
We will continue to make an effort to strengthen our organizational structure from manufacturing to logistics so that we may take advantages of domestic and foreign demands. We believe that serving as "Pickeld steel company Irifune" is the mission for Irifune and we work altogether making the welfare of our employees as the bases of our management.
We welcome any type of orders.
We would like to ask for continued support and encouragement.

President Katsumasa Ichino