Basic philosophy

Irifune Kozai Co., Ltd. contributes to the society through businesses and services, gives the highest priority to maintaining employees' life and health, and aims at sustainable prosperity.

Choosing our own way, thriving on a self-reliant attitude, regarding that a way where we go will be the way for ourselves and that the way where others have already gone is not a way where we should go - these are the way that merchants and Irifune Kozai should take.

We are always not caught up, not hung up, not biased, try to extend our market greatly and widely, and all employees aspire after the sustainable bright healthy life.

Management Philosophy


Placing the employees firstFor what purpose do we exist

Irifune Kozai Co., Ltd. promises to offer the stable labor environment accompanied by opportunities for all employees to learn equally and to grow in a happy and healthy life.
Our employees self-actualize through the works.
The employees with happy and healthy smile are the source of the highest level of services and qualities.


Sustainable growthAbout our future

Irifune Kozai Co., Ltd. aims at sustainable growth every year.
The company and employees will grow more today than yesterday, tomorrow than today, next month than this month and next year than this year.
Not only considering sales and profits, but also continuing to think correctly and carefully, we become the self-sustaining healthy company of 100% capital adequacy ratio with seeking our own growth trajectory.
We aim to be the world's best in the pickled steel sheets sales and the accuracy of processing pickled steel sheets.


Act resolutelyWhat kind of principle should we base on?

We are loyal to fulfilling customers' demands by providing customers with recyclable raw materials suitable for environmental protection.
We are loyal to the corporate culture of not adhering to preconceived ideas and industry common sense.
We are loyal to innovative steel sheets processing and sales services.
Company's responsibility and employees' loyalty