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Quality Policy

Irifune Kozai Co., Ltd. gets a customer's satisfaction by offering high-quality products and services through the processing and the sales of steel materials, with continuing the improvement to aim at the company which contributes truly to society.

Activity Policy

  • The products and services provided for customers should meet customers’ requirements, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, fulfil social requirements and satisfy our customers. For this purpose we promote activities following the quality management system.
  • In order to fulfil the requirements, the quality management system shall be regularly reviewed and improved its effectiveness on a continuing basis.
  • In order to pursue this policy, we set the targets for following items to promote activities.
    These targets are set up every year and reviewed if necessary.
    1. (1) Improvement in management bases
    2. (2) Improvement in customer services
    3. (3) Improvement in products quality
  • We strive for the continuous improvement of the quality management system for better performance.
  • In order to promote the quality management system, we provide educational training to all the employees, ensuring to understand and practice the policy.

Established June 1, 2015

Irifune Kozai Co., Ltd.
President Katsumasa Ichino